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Other Services We Offer

Incorporating your information. We are able to restore and retouch worn photographs, transfer film and video to digital format so that it looks as good as (or better than) the source footage, research and add relevant historical & archival images. Shooting interviews, we employ professional lighting, microphones, and cameras to ensure broadcast quality. Our editing and DVD-authoring system is also state-of-the-art, allowing all elements — visuals, music, words, graphics — to come together as a seamless whole and a superior product

Editing YOUR Video Shots!  You’ve shot hours of family video……….and now WHAT?? We understand that it is often very daunting to try to edit video yourself, or to convert into media you can view on your TV or computer now that VHS tape has become obsolete. We’d be happy to take such video you have shot in any format……DV tape, VHS tape, DVD, SD card and convert it to DVD that will preserve your memories. We can also edit, add photos, music, customize it to your specification…….or just simply convert it. We can help you preserve those memories.

Converting your VHS, DV Tapes, SD cards to DVD. We’d be glad to simply convert your older media so that you can enjoy your memories with today’s technology and preserve for the future. VHS tape made years ago need to be converted to DVD for preservation. Or you might have a Flip Phone using small SD cards that you’ve enjoyed using…….but don’t know how to do simple editing for personal …..or even YouTube uploads……….We can helpl

Help you learn how to do editing of your own videos. Often we have clients who are interested in learning how to do simple video editing themselves. With today’s technology, you’d be surprised what YOU can learn to do often with tools already on your computer. We can show you How to upload your clips to Youtube or Vimeo, condense for email size, help you inmost any way!

Create Power Point Presentations. We can help you prepare for presentations that you may want to do for most any purpose. We can do the entire project……..or better yet, teach YOU how to create such a presentation and save it in file small enough to email. We can also help interpret your data to create visual charts, import photos, other data very easily.

Insurance Video
. We can shoot your personal inventory in your house or vacation home for insurance purposes. A picture speaks a thousand words and much better than any written inventory!!!

Legal Depositions via Video. We are in the process of getting national accreditation of Legal Videographers and can assist with filming legal depositions, recreations, and illustrationsricing I About Us I Other Serices I Contact Us I Links of Interest

Home I The Process I Sample Clips I Pricing I About Us I Other Services I Contact Us I Links of Interest

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