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We are Personal History Documentaries, the husband and wife team of Martha and Curt Daniel of Rocky Mount, NC. Our collective experience in advertising, film production and editing, website and graphic design gives us a unique perspective from which we direct every project. Working together on various projects over the last 20 years, we decided to put our skills together officially, forming Personal History Documentaries  and to help you preserve family memories for years to come;  we draw upon our 20 years of collaboration and offer you the full range of our complementary skills at reasonable and modest prices.

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Why commission a personal history documentary? For some, it is the perfect way to honor one’s elders and preserve their stories, images, and essence for younger generations. Siblings connect to create a precious heirloom for their parents and themselves. Treasured family history comes alive in an artistic and meaningful way, allowing future generations access to the treasures of the past.
Others seek to record their own history—to give family and friends a memento of their lives, to recount the tale of one’s career or of building a business—a memoir to pass the wisdom of one’s life to future generations. Still others seek a video tribute to be shared at an important event—a birthday party, anniversary celebration, retirement roast, wedding, rehearsal dinner, bar/bat mitzvah—these can document individuals or couples, and are a touching, fun way to celebrate life’s most joyous events. View some Preservation Productions testimonials here.

Other Services Offered:

Converting your VHS, DV Tapes, SD cards to DVD. We’d be glad to simply convert your older media so that you can enjoy your memories with today’s technology and preserve for the future. VHS tape made years ago need to be converted to DVD for preservation. Or you might have a Flip Phone using small SD cards that you’ve enjoyed using…….but don’t know how to do simple editing for personal …..or even YouTube uploads……….We can helpl

Help you learn how to do editing of your own videos. Often we have clients who are interested in learning how to do simple video editing themselves. With today’s technology, you’d be surprised what YOU can learn to do often with tools already on your computer. We can show you How to upload your clips to Youtube or Vimeo, condense for email size, help you inmost any way!

Create Power Point Presentations. We can help you prepare for presentations that you may want to do for most any purpose. We can do the entire project……..or better yet, teach YOU how to create such a presentation and save it in file small enough to email. We can also help interpret your data to create visual charts, import photos, other data very easily.

Insurance Video. We can shoot your personal inventory in your house or vacation home for insurance purposes. A picture speaks a thousand words and much better than any written inventory!!!

Legal Depositions via Video. We are in the process of getting national accreditation of Legal Videographers and can assist with filming legal depositions, recreations, and illustrations


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